PUBG Stream Stats Web

Welcome dear PUBG gamer or even streamer. What you are currently looking at is a placeholder for my new 'free time' project.

Sooner (or later) we will have a very nice session based PUBG based streaming tool.

Common features we will offer without creating a login will be:

  • PUBG API search; find your data that is collected for your games
  • Start your gaming session and track your games as soon as they end
  • Take a look at each match maps with travel path and kill and victim positions

To enable additional streaming based features you need to create an account by login via  Twitch. You will then be able to use those features:

  • Our statistics chat bot
    • This bot can send your statistic to your twitch chat
    • We have placeholder for PUBG related statistics data
    • It can even send messages in a timed interval, for advertising or just posting social links or such stuff
  • Overlays for OBS or other streaming software that supports browser sources.
    • Custom HTML templates supported (premium feature)
    • We have placeholder for PUBG related statistics data
    • Twitch data can be added like "last subscriber" or "last follower" or "last bits"
    • You can even hook up a wearable heart-rate monitors via bluetooth to your PC and use it in your overlay